Why study Mountain Science?

The new bachelor degree course in Mountain Science aims to form graduates with good analytical skills in order to plan and manage mountain territories and their resources, in particular referring to Apennines and Mediterranean area.
The study programme aims to prepare a technician with a well-structured knowledge in many fields: forest sciences, agriculture, environmental sciences and economy. Such a complex programme make our graduates able to promote the business growth of mountain areas.

Fundamental subjects like biology and chemistry are associated to more properly forest and agrarian subjects for the conservation of biodiversity and the production, harvest and promotion of mountain products. The multidisciplinary approach and the study of agroforestry engineering make students able to write projects for the protection of soil and springs, for the prevention and containment of erosion and for hillslopes and river banks restoration.

Excursions on Alps and Apennines so as internships in companies located in mountain areas and students exchange programs are planned. 

After the terrible earthquakes which have recently affected the Central Italy, courses and exercises related to safety measures in case of earthquake have been introduced so as a deep study of the best strategies to promote the recovery of territories after an earthquake. In this way our graduated students can have an active role in promoting recovery and resilience after an earthquake.

Career opportunities

The Mountain Science Degree Course has an applicative approach suitable for a fast integration into employment. 

A graduated student has the right skills to work, at the same time, as a mountain agronomist, expert of biodiversity conservation, expert in economic exploitation of the mountains and forest engineer.

At the same time our graduate

students are able to continue their studies, attending a Master’s degree or a Master’s program.